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‘Yes’ Vote Is ‘Blank Cheque’ For Government

Dr. Hubert Minnis

FNM leader Hubert Minnis  cautioned Bahamian voters not to sign a “blank cheque” for the government at the polls on Monday.

Claiming a lack of public education on the upcoming gaming referendum, Dr Minnis reiterated his party’s call for Bahamians to vote “no” and demand a fair and transparent process.

“The decisions they make today impact us moving forward and we should not be making decisions in isolation. We have to think about our kids, our grandkids, and the type of Bahamas we want to leave for them. It is difficult to make a decision without information, and in the absence of information we would urge Bahamians to vote no and have the process done properly.”

The two questions for the January 28 referendum are: “‘Do you support the regulation and taxation of Web Shop gaming’ and ‘Do you support the establishment of a National Lottery?’”

Dr Minnis said his party opposed the referendum on the grounds that there was a “complete lack of education”.

“I was appalled to see at the rally they were giving out gifts, that’s a form of bribery,” he said.

“If this is not checked, democracy is under siege.”

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