Judge Allows Inexcusable Courtroom Delays

A magistrate yesterday delayed giving a decision in the indecent assault case of an emergency room doctor because of missing stenographers’ notes.

Magistrate Guillimina Archer may give her ruling on a no case submission made on Dr. Lynwood Brown’s behalf by Murrio Ducille on March 13 if she gets the transcripts in time.

An emergency room technician filed a private prosecution against Dr. Brown after police failed to act on her complaint that he touched her breast in the break room at Doctors Hospital on September 7, 2010.

The woman has not been identified in compliance with rules regarding the naming of complainants in sexual offenses.

The complainant, who was fired from the hospital in March 2011, claimed Brown grabbed her during a coffee break in the presence of two female coworkers.

One of the women, a nurse, claimed on the same night Dr. Brown made her feel uncomfortable by telling her that her breasts looked good.

The complainant claimed she chastised Brown for his inappropriate comments before he reached over and touched her breast.

The woman has denied suggestions that she fabricated the complaint after Dr. Brown chastised her for failing to administer an IV to a patient who complained of chest tightness.

Romona Farquharson is the prosecutor.

Source: The Nassau Guardian