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COB Hosts First Natural History Conference

The first Bahamas National Natural History Conference began March 5 – and will continue until Friday at the College of the Bahamas.

The conference, announced by deputy director of the Bahamas National Trust Lynn Gape and COB president Betsy Boze, is a collaboration between the college and the BNT.

The mission of the conference is to create a forum for natural scientists to share their work with each other and the public, and to build relationships that encourage interdisciplinary research and conservation in the Bahamas.

It is hoped that the event will also inspire new avenues of research and co-operation across disciplines.

“The Bahamas National Trust has been so pleased to work with the College of the Bahamas and we have been overwhelmed with the response from the scientific community, scientists from overseas and scientists from here in the Bahamas,” said Lynn Gape.

Dr Boze feels the conference will provide a great opportunity for co-operation amongst various parties.

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