Minnis Questions PLP’s Ulterior Motives

The Opposition, noting its majority membership on the Public Accounts Committee, said it will request “full disclosure” of what a previously borrowed $550 million was spent on, and also what a request for another $100 million is to be spent on.

Speaking in the House of Assembly yesterday, Opposition Leader Hubert Minnis criticised government’s announcement that the $100 million is needed to cover financial commitments left by the Ingraham administration. He accused the government of trying to divert attention away from the “inadequacies and failings” in their mid-year budget by blaming the FNM.

“Therefore, what I would like to know is why this government would find it necessary to be so bold-facedly deceitful and deceptive,” Dr Minnis said. “What are their real intentions for this money? On top of the $550 million they borrowed when they came to office to cover supposed fiscal deficits and other obligations, why would they need to turn around – and without full public disclosure of how they spend the first $550 million of the people’s money – still need to borrow another $100 million, particularly when the obligations they claim they need the funding for – were outstanding and coming due when they prepared their 2012/2013 Budget? It just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense.”