Radio Host Darold Miller Blasted For Racist Diatribe

Following the Bahamas Supreme Court decision to lift the ridiculous injunction that prohibited police from doing their job and closing down illegal webs shops, there are various parties waiting to see if the police will actually move to close down the illegal businesses.

One of the parties is the government of The United States, which has recently informed the Bahamian government that they consider web shop gambling to be the second biggest source of money laundering in the country.

Indeed, the United States would allegedly like to extradite one of the top Bahamian web shop kingpins on money laundering and human trafficking charges.  But the Bahamian government continues to protect the crook, presumably because of his “generous” contributions to the PLP’s election campaign last year.

Other interested parties are the major resort casinos in The Bahamas, who are gearing up to benefit from new legislation that will allow casino operators to introduce mobile gaming.

And then there is radio host Darold Miller, another vocal proponent of web shops, whose recent racist remarks have white Bahamians concerned.

Last week, Miller used his radio show platform to spout racist drivel, saying that the new gambling legislation will benefit “white” foreign investors against the fortunes of “black” Bahamians.

It appears Mr Miller has forgotten that there are white Bahamians also.

If Mr Miller feels that “Bahamians” would be discriminated against, that would be one thing, but to specifically call out “black Bahamians” (as if white Bahamians do not exist) is an asinine racist comment that should get Mr Miller removed from the airwaves.

Miller’s boss, Guardian owner Emmanuel Alexiou, is one of the white Bahamians that Mr Miller kicked to the curb.

Miller said the new legislation would treat “black” Bahamian entrepreneurs differently than “white” foreign investors, as if there were no white Bahamian entrepreneurs or black foreign investors. The racist radio show host had the gall to compare the situation to what Americans would deem a violation of constitutional equal protection.

The jackass is apparently too stupid to realize that in America, he would have been yanked off the air for making his racist comments, which would be deemed a violation of the constitutional rights of white people.

Miller also made equally stupid comments trying to defend the outrageous behaviour of Immigration officials who arrested a legal foreign worker, an internationally acclaimed dolphin trainer, as she was giving a demonstration to tourists at the Atlantis Resort, the nation’s largest private employer and saviour of the Bahamian economy.

The immigration raid has received both local and international condemnation.

Presumably referring to George Markantonis, president of Atlantis, Miller questioned whether the Atlantis official “thinks he is king”.

In his outrageous racist diatribe, Miller implied that the “white man” is always trying to divide and conquer Bahamians and suggested that the (predominantly black) PLP government was aiding and abetting those whites.

The pathetic ass referred to the ongoing saga at Clifton where “two rich white men” from Lyford Cay have been publicly battling over who was more valuable to the “Save Clifton Cay” efforts. A group representing one of the “Save Clifton” groups did not show up as scheduled for Miller’s show, obviously wanting to avoid the radio host’s racist attacks.

The entire matter has evidenced the importance of educating all Bahamians that white Bahamians are as much Bahamian as their black brothers and sisters. There is no difference between blacks and whites, except in the minds of racists.  Racism against whites, both locals and foreigners, need to stop, or it will be the absolute downfall of The Bahamas.  The government must move swiftly and decisively against racists like Mr Miller, whose comments, will discourage white tourists from coming to our country.