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Sickos Return To Kill School Goats

The maniacs who slaughtered the farm animals at St. George’s High returned over the weekend to kill the school’s remaining three goats.

A shocked teacher found the animals on Saturday morning. It is believed they had been stabbed to death and the bodies had been laid in sinister positions.

An autopsy will be performed on the goats at the Grand Bahama Humane Society to determine the exact cause of death.

The gruesome discovery was made by Charles Jones, the school’s agricultural science teacher and coordinator for the farming program.

He said, “This morning at 8:30 I drove up and immediately I saw a dead animal by the fence.

“I knew it was dead because it was swollen and upon seeing that, I immediately thought about the next two that was supposed to be alive but when I checked, the mother and her kid were both dead in the goat pen.

“The police were called and upon investigation the animals had all suffered punctures to the neck, behind the ear going down to the neck. The animals were not beaten; the animals were killed by the stab wounds.”

The incident follows on from Tuesday night’s attack at the school in which three goats and 10 chickens were killed. They had all been stoned to death.

Puzzled by the strategic positioning of the slaughtered animals, Jones said he noticed something sinister that possibly serves as a link between the two killings.

He said, “One of the officers noticed the positioning of the mother and kid. Their bodies were in alignment, they were posed all in the same way and that gave me pause. I think that somebody was making a statement and going back to the previous killing on Wednesday, the chickens that were killed were also positioned a certain way. This kind of links the two killings where the posing of the animals after death.”

Confused on the underlying reason why the animals have fallen victim to the cruel acts of violence, Jones said those respopnsible lack remorse.

“This is scary because a person who kills because of passion does one killing and then has remorse afterwards. There is no remorse here, this somebody who has no remorse and just want to kill. That is scary because everybody knows that killing animals is just a step below killing human beings. As a teacher in this school, it puts me to ask what’s next,” Jones said.

Fearful of more attacks, the agricultural teacher said although the remaining 10 chickens remain untouched, he has found it fit to move them to a safer environment to eliminate the chance of them being targeted next.

However, Jones said that although the farming initiative is on the brink of a hiatus, he looks forward to its return next school year.

“Right now, the program is at a standstill it is stopped and the children of this program are all pretty upset. Everyone is asking why and I know I deal with a lot of good students and what is happening here is an aberration because you cannot blame all of the students,” he said.

“Next school year we are going to start anew, we’re going to have another program going and hopefully better security.  Some serious action that will be a deterrent for this kind of behavior,” Jones continued.

Police officials noted that this matter is currently under active investigations and is requesting the public to come forward with any information.

A reward has been offered for any information which leads to the capture and prosecution of those responsible.

By Ashley Penn
Freeport News Reporter

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