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Frank The Snake Full of Bad Gas

Why do the pleas of the people of Grand Bahama always seem to fall on deaf ears?

For three months, at least, the problem of  “bad gas” has been rumbling on.  Thousands of cars have been affected, motorists have been inconvenienced, especially those who rely on cars for work purposes.

Now everybody who owns a gasoline-driven vehicle on Grand Bahama has to pay 35 cents extra for a gallon of Premium… because that’s all there is available.

Today, a number of vital questions need to be answered by FOCOL.

1. On Thursday, July 4, The Freeport News was told an investigation is under way by FOCOL into the “bad gas”.  So far our requests for information on that investigation, have been ignored. If the investigation is complete, why not publish the results?

2. Is Grand Bahama the only island suffering with this fuel problem?

3. Did the fuel become “bad” during a mixing process here in Grand Bahama, or did it happen abroad?

4. When was the decision made to stop the sale of Regular gas? Did FOCOL wait for supplies of Regular to run out before switching to Premium only?

5. How long will the people of Grand Bahama have to continue paying the higher price for Premium fuel? Why can’t FOCOL drop the price, making it easier for an already cash-strapped motoring public?

6. How long is this situation going to continue? Why can’t supplies of Regular fuel be shipped in from elsewhere, with no extra cost being passed on to the motorist? And here’s a question for someone in authority to please answer. Is there a body that acts as a regulator on such an important utility such as fuel? And where are those who enforce the Consumer Protection Act?

As those questions are being pondered, The Freeport News calls on the Grand Bahama Port Authority and the Government to step in and help the people of Grand Bahama.

It is your duty.

Editorial from The Freeport News

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