Shut Down The “Sewer” Called The Bahamas

A manager at the U.S. State Department in Washington DC said, off the record, that the United States should issue a Travel Advisory against The Bahamas and “shut that crime-filled sewer down.”

“There have been nearly three dozen U.S. citizens robbed, raped or murdered just in the last 5 months in The Bahamas,” the State Department offical said.

“Anywhere else on earth, we would have issued a Travel Advisory after that many incidents of violence against U.S. citizens,” the manager added.

“The only reason we haven’t, is because the employees at the Embassy in Nassau are among the most corrupt employees in our department.”

The manager talked about how the Bahamas government gives corrupt U.S. Embassy employees pieces of valuable real esstate in The Bahamas, and even helps them rent out the properties, and deposit the money into unreported tax-free bank accounts, outside U.S. scrutiny.

“There are a variety of ‘incentives’ that are given to Embassy employees to keep them from doing their job the way it should be done,” the manager said.

“But U.S. citizens are dying as a result and it has to stop.”