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More American Tourists Are Crime Victims in Nassau

A couple on holiday who was robbed at Goodman’s Bay on Thursday, yesterday appealed for the return of items they believe will be useless to whoever stole them.

American resident Vernon Grant and his wife Jacqueline Rosenthal-Grant were enjoying a day at the beach when they discovered that someone had smashed their rental car window.  The thief stole Mrs. Grant’s purse, which contained approximately $2,000 worth of items, including two pairs of prescription glasses, a journal and clothes.  They said cash was also stolen.

Mr. Grant said the journal was special to his wife because she used it to document their travels together since their honeymoon two years ago.  He said although he was born in the United States, he spent some of his childhood in The Bahamas and visits the country frequently.  He said while he had heard stories about the country’s crime problem he did not want to believe them. Mr. Grant said the couple’s first three days of vacation were wonderful. Earlier in the week, they spent time on the same beach where they were later robbed.

He said the incident made him look at the country in a different light. “The initial shock was I don’t want to come back to this place anymore; it’s terrible, we don’t like anybody,” Mr. Grant said. “All the good experiences, you just forget.

The couple implored the thief to take the journal and other personal items that were stolen to a police station so they can be returned. Mrs. Grant’s purse was on the floor of the car between the back seat and front seat. Mr. Grant said because the car windows were tinted the thief would have had to look inside the car to see it. He said he thinks if there was a police presence on the beach the crime would have been prevented.

“[The robbery] was really such a shock because it was the middle of the day and it’s a fairly decent neighborhood,” Mrs. Grant said. “I felt violated and really afraid.”

In late July, a U.S. Embassy official was robbed at the beach with his family in western New Providence, an embassy official said.

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