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Online Gambling Possible in the Bahamas

Places in the sun are often destinations for tourists who are looking for excitement and a chance to relax. The Caribbean has a fantastic assortment of islands and nations that deliver on the excitement and luxury that well healed tourists are looking for. Many of these resorts offer gambling and dancing as well as top notch entertainment and food.

The weather plays a huge factor in the delivery of the tourist products and when hurricanes and typhoons batter the resorts it is often a long time before the tourist can return and receive the full benefit for their money.

The Bahamas, well known for its tropical splendor and a popular tourist destination for many every year has seen the devastating effects of storms in the region. Tourists do frequent the many casinos located around the 700 islands that make up the area and complement their holidays with a little gambling.
When the tropical storms destroy the infrastructure of the casinos and resorts there are no customers until the resources are up and running once again. Some individuals are attempting to help the nation’s difficult times by introducing online gambling in the Bahamas.

One person that wants to see some changes is Uri Clinton, a representative for the Baha Mar Casino & Hotel. Clinton commented, “During the hurricane season, when nobody wants to travel to the Bahamas, we still have thousands of employees to support, we still have hundreds of local vendors and contractors to pay.”

A referendum on legalizing internet cafes and introducing a national lottery was held in the Bahamas recently but was rejected by voters. Perry Christie, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas supports the idea of expanding gambling in the country, remarking that the introduction of online gambling could return over $20 million a year in tax revenues. Bahamas has a strong secular lobby group that have rejected the concept.


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