Bahamas Tourism Minister Dead Wrong on Cuban Detainee Issue

Instead of admitting that Detention Center guards abused Cuban detainees, Bahamas Tourism Minister Obie Wilchombe is foolishly trying to paint the Miami-based Cuban exile group Democracy Movement as enemies of all Bahamians, intent on harming The Bahamas’ reputation and economy.

Responding to the group’s noble and ethical intent to address a grievous wrong by submitting a report to the Inter-American Commission of the Organisation of American States (OAS) regarding the Cuban detainees issues – which the Bahamas government keeps trying to sweep under the rug – Mr Wilchcombe called their promised intentions “unnecessary.”


If Bahamians had been treated that way, anywhere in the world, The Bahamas government would be having a sh*t-fit!

“The Bahamian government is doing what has to be done, as there is a process,” Wilchcombe foolishly told a local reporter.

In reality, the only process the government is undergoing is to routinely ignore, deny and lie about the incident while pretending to be “investigating” the abuse.

“The impact this will have on our economy will not be good and I think it’s so totally wrong,” the Minister said.

Wrong?!?  What about beating and torturing detainees, Obie?  Isn’t that wrong?  And isn’t that what your corrupt & incompetent government should be focusing on?

The Democracy Movement also revealed that they had met with Carnival Cruise Lines and wanted to speak with the Genting Group Royal Caribbean International. But both those companies are greedy corporate entities who don’t give a damn about right or wrong… as long as they can make a buck.

So, they won’t take any action against the abusive, corrupt Bahamas government.

Mr Wilchcombe recently defended the Bahamas’ reputation on human rights and claimed that the Movement was trying to “recharacterise” the Bahamas’ reputation.

Human rights?  The perverted constitution of The Bahamas discriminates against women – Bahamian women – not giving them the same rights and privileges as male Bahamians.

Where are the human rights for Bahamian women?

The corrupt, lying government of The Bahamas has been promising to rectify that wrong for years, decades even, and still the rights of Bahamian women are being abused.

The minister also noted that it was clear the Cuban group wanted to cause a rift between the Bahamas and Florida, a state where Bahamians spend up to $1 billion annually.

Again, what a fool!  The amount of money that Bahamians spend in Florida is only because of all the tourists from the United States who foolishly spend their money in this filthy, crime-filled sewer.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, another government dope, Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell, insisted there has been no fallout for the Bahamas’ reputation due to the controversy.

“My judgment is that there has been no impact and there is no fall-out. This is a matter that is largely confined to Dade County and Broward County in Miami,” Mr Mitchell said.

So, in essence, what the fool is saying, is that as long as the fallout isn’t too severe, why should The Bahamas do what is right and admit the abuse and punish the guards at fault?

Forget what is right and wrong, forget human rights.  As long as we can get away with doing wrong, let’s just keep doing it.

After all, isn’t that the Bahamian way?