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Press Should Represent Public at Hearings

The government is making a big mistake by sanctioning a closed door hearing of the five marines in the Cuban detainees beating case.

No matter how many observers they allow inside and no matter how many times MPs promise a full report, the word of none of them means anything to the majority of Bahamians anymore.

The right hand does not seem to know what the left hand is doing. One minister contradicts another too often to give the public confidence that any of them know what they are doing.

At times, one wonders whether they sit around the same cabinet table and discuss the same subjects.

All we know is that — whether they realise it or not — they are collectively writing their government’s funeral march.

Is government afraid that the press will confirm what the public already knows? Better that the whole truth be known rather than gossip – gossip that will grow with the telling – be set loose on the community.

We recommend that government think again, because this case is not going to evaporate into thin air. If not handled properly it will live a long time to haunt all who are involved.

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