ARC Inc. Appoints Caribbean Media Partners as Worldwide Agent

ARC Inc. which produces ARC Magazine, a premier publication for Caribbean Art and Culture, has appointed Caribbean Media Partners (CMP) as its main agent to develop a long-term strategy and business model which will define a sustainable and beneficial creative future for the nonprofit organization.

Under the agreement, CMP will act as a liaison to identify and coordinate opportunities for ARC through partnerships, targeting regional and international media and organizations that have an interest in Caribbean art and culture.

ARC has successfully published eight editions of its biannual visual arts magazine which showcases pan-Caribbean art and offers subscriptions to its readers.

“We are interested in promoting and affirming the current regional focus on sustainability for the creative industries,” said Holly Bynoe, Director and Editor-in-Chief of ARC Inc.

“We work closely and collaboratively with contributors and artists from the inception of a project to ensure that the highlighted conversations and projects are seen in the most positive light,” she added. “Our editorial philosophies and practices take into consideration the dynamics of collective enterprise, experimentation and interrogation as we cultivate and nurture the spirit of authenticity.”

Jo Spalburg, Marketing Director of CMP, said ARC is an important brand that brings together the visual discourses which are occurring on a daily basis in the region, “but which do not always get the exposure and recognition they deserve.”

“By opening this field of discourse and promoting ARC more actively, we hope to expand their reach, and increase awareness of the growing demand for Caribbean art and culture,” he added.

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