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GBPA President Speaks At Business Forum

As hundreds of delegates convened on Grand Bahama Island for this year’s Myles Munroe International Global Leadership Summit, The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) played a pivotal role with GBPA President, Ian Rolle, participating in last Wednesday’s millionaire round table discussions.

Joined by Dr. Myles Munroe, as well as local and international presenters, the panellists focused on ‘How to build business and wealth with morality and ethics’.  According to President Rolle, true business and personal success can be achieved by making one’s competition irrelevant.  “This is a strategy I’ve adopted in my personal life, as well as in business,” he stated.

Rolle encouraged his listeners to adopt unconventional, non-traditional business practices.  “The only way to really beat the competition is to stop trying to do so,” he stressed.  Traditional strategies involve competing in an existing market space, “Rather, seek to create an uncontested market space,” Rolle encouraged.  “Instead of trying to beat the competition, strive to make it irrelevant.  And shift one’s focus from exploiting existing demand to creating and capturing new demand.”

For individuals considering entrepreneurship, this successful mentor advises that persons look across alternative industries and combine products or services that may be compatible.  Additionally, look across strategic groups within an industry, and seek to redefine the buyers within a particular group.  Also, look across time, utilizing modern technology to grow your business, added Rolle.

As defined by President Rolle, success in business is dependent on entering it for the right reasons.  “Some of these positive reasons are, to create something of value, to learn more about the value of money, to fill a need, and to inspire others,” Rolle said.

The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited
Caption: Grand Bahama Island is pleased to have been chosen as the host destination for this year’s Myles Munroe International Global Leadership Summit.  On hand to offer a warm welcome was Ian Rolle (centre) President, Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited. He is flanked by bestselling author and motivational speaker, Bob Harrison (left) and Dr. Myles Munroe (right).

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