Power Bills About To Go Up Because of VAT

As I posted on my Facebook Page last week, the government decided to change its mind (or should I say, was instructed to change its mind) and require VAT on power bills.

The catch is, the Bill says you don’t have to pay VAT on power once you only use a certain amount of power each month, but they left that amount blank in their Bill, so right now even if you read the Bill, you cannot know from that Bill who will pay VAT on power and who won’t.

Why give us a Bill with that critical part blank? So much for believing your light bills were going down, if you ever did believe that fairytale. In all seriousness, people are already struggling to keep their lights on. Now the cost will go up 15% each billing cycle. This will kill so many people and create even more power disconnections.

So, where is Mr. BEC Exec Chairman Leslie Miller? Bahamas, I’ve told you that sick pay foolishness with BEC was a contrived distraction from what was getting ready to happen at BEC next year, both with the takeover of BEC by a foreign group with high-ranking PLP members involved, and this price hike many people are about to experience. They got you riled up about something irrelevant, while they are ready to kill you though BEC.

How come you cannot hear Leslie Miller’s mouth now? If he is really “the man for the small man”, and “the people’s champ”, why didn’t he tell you that your power Bills are about to go up? That’s because he isn’t fighting for Bahamians. I’ve been saying that since last year and more frequently this year. If costs to the consumer is his passion, this should have been the first thing he told consumers when the decision was made – but he uttered not a word.

Sharon Turner