Children Join KB In New ‘Save The Bays’ Video

If music videos had movie-like ratings, a new release by Save The Bays would get a ‘G’ for general audience, ‘L’ for lively and a ‘P’ for the powerful message it delivers – a clarion call to “Rise up, Bahamas, C’mon, let’s Save The Bays.”

So says Joseph Darville, the highly respected educator who participated in the making of the video featuring the voice and environmental passion of Kirkland ‘K.B.’ Bodie, the most popular musical artist in The Bahamas.

“We shot and recorded this on a beach in Grand Bahama with about 20 children who just had a ball,” said Darville, a retired principal and ardent environmental advocate who now serves as Education Director for Save The Bays, the popular movement sweeping the nation.

“K.B. was wonderful, so full of energy, and the other adult in the video, Gail Woon, put aside her serious science side to show the sheer joy of having a magnificent beach like this to enjoy and the fun of dancing in the sand and raising our voices to call for everyone to respect the land and save the bays.”

Woon is founder of Earthcare Bahamas, founded 25 years ago and dedicated to environmental education. It is one of several non-governmental organisations partnering with Save The Bays to bring the message that a green economy is the best economy for The Bahamas and to urge passage of laws that would protect the environment against unregulated development and other abuses while ensuring public involvement in the consultation process for proposed projects.

The star of the 4-minute video, ‘K.B.’ has used entertainment over many years to sing the song of protection and preservation, saying he wants his life and his life’s work to mean something. Like the title song of the new video, he has written six new songs shouting out the message that preserving and protecting the environment is not up to “them.” It is, he says, “up to all of us.”

Save The Bays Facebook page with more than 13,000 friends and followers and a petition calling for environmental legislation has nearly 6,000 signatures. That petition is available at

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Top: Singing for their future – More than 20 children from Grand Bahama participate along with musical giant, Kirkland ‘K.B.’ Bodie, during a music video shoot for the energetic and environmentally charged single ‘Save The Bays’.

Side: The most popular musical artist in The Bahamas – Kirkland ‘K.B.’ Bodie shoots music video on the beaches in Grand Bahama for the environmental single ‘Save The Bays’.