PLP: Promises, Lies, Pillage

PLP rats

Don’t mind the fancy clothes and flowery speech; some in the PLP are nothing more than “glorified –––––”. In fact, a suitable acronym for some of this “greasy” hand crew should be: Promises, Lies, Pillage.

Promises – Leading up to the 2012 general elections, the PLP campaigned on a litany of lies. Among their wicked distortions of the truth was the mortgage relief programme. As I expected, no one qualified. Now they are attempting to revive this failed promise. Come clean, Mr Halkitis, you and I both know that the reason why this idea can’t work is because the people have no work.

Lies – No work equates to no money. Bahamians don’t have any money because the 10,000 jobs the PLP promised them never materialised. In fact, people are being evicted every day because they can’t pay mortgage and rent.

So many people are being displaced from their dwellings that I believe we are in a crisis. It is so bad that there are literally hundreds of homes available below market value. Enter Kenred Dorsett – proudly proclaiming that they are on track to build 127 homes over the first year.  There is a glut of homes on the market as we speak, as well as no one qualifying for the mortgage Relief Programme, why in the hell is Government building more homes? In my opinion, this is a vulgar abuse of National Insurance Funds. It is clear why they had to get rid of former Director Cargill.

Pillage – Is this, perchance an obscene excuse to siphon $100m of National Insurance sacred funds to give the contracts to build the homes to PLP cronies (who will kick back some for the PLP’s war chest in 2017)?

As a law-abiding, tax paying citizen of the commonwealth, I demand that the PLP Government abandon this insidious plan and leave that $100m in NIB for the benefit of legitimate contributors. As far as I am concerned it would be wrong for them to use aforementioned funds to bank roll the PLP’s war chest and appease lousy, lazy PLPs.

By: The Scribbler