Politicians Up To No Good

government monkeysOur Bahamian politicians and wannabes, by and large, do not mean the average Bahamian any good. They see most of you all as political fodder and stepping stones to high office. I say this, boldly, without fear of contradiction and without malice towards any individual.

A few years ago I was drafted to offer critical support to a former prime minister. Mind you, I was handsomely compensated financially but was also given certain solemn promises, none of which ever materialized. Some might argue that I got “swing” and I would agree with that assertion. That, however, was not and has never been common to only me.

Perry Christie, a good man in his own right, and Hubert Ingraham have always considered themselves to be the “salt and pepper” political sons of the late great and deeply lamented Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling. They, obviously, see themselves as his natural political heirs and may well view The Bahamas as their heritage.

Since Sir Lynden’s untimely death, these two consummate political figures have held sway over this wonderful nation and have literally chopped or cut down all and sundry political challengers without mercy. The path to the political graveyard is littered with the decayed and mangled bodies of those who dared to oppose the chosen sons.

Most sensible Bahamians are able to collectively agree that Ingraham and Christie have done much good to advance, in increments, with fits and starts, the national agenda. They both, however, in recent times seem to be caught up in a time warp.

They have exclusively concentrated on miniscule job creation but never on a broad-based economic empowerment of the average Bahamian. This is a tragic and sad indictment of both of these honorable gentlemen. Unless and until the rank-and-file Bahamian, who qualifies, is extended the same opportunities of economic empowerment as the white foreigner, nothing will happen to truly advance the national agenda.

While jobs and employment by others may well be suitable for the masses, who in some cases may lack the motivation and/or financial resources to do so, this is not the way to empower people. Bahamians need opportunities to become stakeholders in the real economy.

Ingraham and Christie have not taken any real steps towards this. Now we have this useless back and forth between Christie and Branville McCartney of the DNA about who is worthy to become prime minister and what have you. This is pathetic in the extreme. While Rome is burning some of the so-called leaders are slinging mud and talking, apparently, out of their heads.

They are all, in some way or the other, related and may well see The Bahamas as a slab of political meat to be shared amongst themselves. All of them are wealthy individuals and let me say off the top that I do not begrudge them. I charge that they see politics as a game to be played on the masses to satisfy egos.

Whenever there is a by-election in New Providence, hopefully in Bain and Grants Town, I will offer myself. By inclination I have always been a PLP but I will run by any means and under any label necessary.

To God then, in all things, be the glory for there are yet some great things he will do.

By: Ortland H. Bodie Jr.