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Police Say Tires Used To Burn Bodies – But Refuse To Classify Deaths as Murder

crimeForensic Officers are working to determine the race, age, sex and cause of death of the four badly burned bodies discovered last week on Anguilla Cay.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson, despite earlier media reports, police have not yet classified the deaths and are not certain if the bodies are male or female, white or black, Bahamian or of another nationality.

“We are in the initial stages of our investigations and we are trying to determine the circumstances and that requires a lot of forensic work, because at this point we only have minimal information,” he said.

“Even though the bodies were burned, we still have not determined the cause of death. It is a lengthy process and there is still a lot to do before we can make any determinations. We believe that the bodies were there from about six to eight weeks. No one lived on the cay as far as we know, so we are also trying to determine how the bodies got there in the first place. It is usually just an area for fishermen, so we are doing all these investigations now.”

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