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AndBank Committed To Developing Young Talent


After setting up its full service banking arm late last year, tripling its staff over the past 12 months and continuing to grow business, Andbank (Bahamas) Limited, an Andorra-based family-owned private bank, continues to uphold the company slogan “Only Talent Performs” by developing young, new, Bahamian talent.

With the commitment to bringing value to their international clients, Andbank has also made a commitment to bring value to The Bahamas by developing the talents of two College of The Bahamas students.

Justin Knowles, an Economics major, and Lauren Russell, a Banking and Finance major, have been selected to intern at one of the fastest growing private banks in The Bahamas for a period of twelve weeks (starting May 2014) working with industry leaders such as Juan Iglesias (CEO), Daniel-Marc Brunner (Head of Private Banking), Werner Gruner (Director, Private Banking), George Maillis (Director, Private Banking), Amanda Smith (Associate Director), and Wendell Gardiner (Director, Compliance).

With finance being a part of the economic identity of The Bahamas, Andbank saw it necessary to expose and train the next generation of Bahamians to the world of International Banking. The departments of Compliance, Risk and Private Banking are the areas in which the two undergraduate students will be focusing their time. By exposing the two to both Front (Private Banking) and Back (Risk and Compliance) Office operations, Andbank believes that this will maximize the student’s three month experience, so that they will gain a holistic understanding of all the facets that make for a successful private banking firm.

When asked why she set her sights on Andbank, Ms. Russell said, “I know that there are many outstanding financial houses in The Bahamas, but I wanted to find an institution that sets itself apart. After careful research, I was impressed with the company’s core value of providing exclusive, direct and personal treatment and products to their clients. In order to provide this standard of treatment to their clients, I knew that Andbank employees possessed, not only integrity, but passion for the job. Without a doubt, I was very excited to become well-versed in International Banking, but was particularly fond of observing the necessary character traits that are required to thrive in the competitive finance profession.”

Mr. Knowles expressed that, “while I could gain a textbook knowledge of the Bahamian economy, I realized that there is no substitute for hands on experience. I needed to find a place that would not only help me develop as a future

professional, but also on a personal level. Andbank works exclusively with international clients so not only will I gain invaluable business experience, but I will also be able to hone my language skills as well as interact with persons from a wide spectrum of countries and backgrounds.”

With hopes of using finance as a means of representing The Bahamas as a politically and economically stable country, both Russell and Knowles are excited to get a glimpse into the fascinating world of international private banking that few see. The two are excited to share their experience at the finish of the internship.

Juan Iglesias, CEO expressed that “The Ministry of Financial Services and the Bahamas Financial Services Board are committed to excellence in the financial services industry of this jurisdiction. We share that vision and believe that developing future talent is key to achieving and maintaining it.”

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