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pam-burnsideHog fish big eye, guppy budget, mediocrity and not a lick of common sense – that’s what is bogging this country down ! We wan be first world, but still gat third world mentalities – cases in point:

We got big time spanking new hospital addition what been sitting there for years, but still ain’ send enough people to get trained to staff it properly yet;

We wan have National Health Insurance but the hospital we gat, can’t even take proper care of the people it gat now, more less hundreds more;

We build one big time agricultural school/development in Andros but only coupla students enrolled……meanwhile COB falling apart;

We wan make COB into University and it already falling down due to lack of money and still can’t get registration right…..but it gan be University by hook or by crook;

We give all kinda people huge benefits and concessions to build gynormous FDI developments, but ain enough infrastructure available to support the operation, and what little we gat gets sent their way, while Bahamians suffer from the shortage;

We gat one udder huge (kinda) new straw market with a law what say only Bahamian made products should be sold in it, but it full up sky high with foreign flea market junk;

We ban the sale of knock-off brand name goods in the straw market, but the people who still selling dem gat ‘guides’ who is hang out right across the road from the market to take you tereckly to the knock-off shop;

We putting up sidewalks all around the place in areas where nobody does hardly walk, meanwhile potholes germinating everywhere;

We building concrete house for people who can’t pay their mortgage (yet the Banks still giving  mortgage to them), instead of building traditional, cost effective, common sense clapboard houses which they can afford, using native pine wood which growing right here in our country which termites don’t eat;

We open one law school in Nassau when UWI gat um all over the Caribbean at a more cost effective price and higher educational standards;

We gat we own big time bank which allegedly giving unsecured loans left, right and centre and when the money gone we just say ‘oops’ and carry on like ain nuttin happen;

We party away 12 million dollars on a foreign-centric festival, whilst our own culture gets shoved to the side; and we still ain’ see the accounts yet;

We pay who knows how much money to a foreign PR firm on a campaign for a ‘stronger Bahamas’ when the country is going through one of its most weakest period;

…and the list goes on and on……Bahamians, please add your contributions to this listing to see how long it needs to get before we wake up and do something to fix it!

Pam Burnside

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