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Pathetic Utility Service

pam-burnsideHow are business persons supposed to operate in this country when the unions and others get away with holding ordinary law abiding citizens hostage?

My office telephone has been out of order for two weeks, in spite of the fact that the person who is calling can hear it ringing! I have called BTC countless times with promises of “your complaint has been passed on” to no avail. Might I remind those service personnel who are making us suffer that it is us, the Bahamian people, who pay utility bills so that you can get your salary every month, so it is very wrong for you to take out your job dissatisfaction on us! In fact it is totally unacceptable and pathetic!

Bahamians are too complacent – we need to speak out and raise hell more often, because these monopolies need to be curbed. We need serious competition in this country so that we can get proper customer service for the utilities we pay so handsomely for!

In addition to BTC’s crappy service, this morning during a BEC brown out – two air conditioning units were blown out….and will we get compensated for the costs and inconvenience incurred? NO!

Meanwhile those who are “friends, families and lovers” run up astronomical bills that are never paid, and are smiling all the way to the bank!

Bahamas, it is time for this nonsense to stop! Let’s speak up loudly and more often and demand our rights!

…and by the way, Bahamas National Festival Commission, the public is STILL waiting to see the creative accounts explaining where our 12 million dollars went. I hope the public and the press does not let up on this either!

Pam Burnside

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