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Artist & Musician To Freestyle In Pompey Square For Worthy Causes

On Thursday, August 27th, 2015, one artist and one musician will take to Pompey Square for an 8-hour live art and music showcase. Dubbed “Freestyle: Outside the Lines pt. 1,” Allan P. Wallace, of recent celebrity salt portraiture fame, and Arthol Gibson, local hip-hop and chill house DJ, also known as Ampero, hope to raise funds in support of two very worthy causes.

Both artists recognize the importance of giving back to their respective artistic communities and helping make things a little bit easier for the next generation of young Bahamian creatives. Chosen as beneficiaries of the event will be the Art Supply Drive, which raises gently used or new art materials to ease the financial burden of art students in the government school system. The Rhythym ‘N’ Youth Rake & Scrape Ensemble, born out of Gerald Cash Primary School, is another fantastic initiative led by Nathaniel Adams that ensures the cultural sustainability of our most precious traditional musical expression.

According to Wallace, “I want to give back […and at this event] I’m going to be out there wildin’ out, just painting. That’s why I wanted to be a part of it. Freestyle should be about changing the energy of the downtown space, creating positive vibes and connecting with the wider community.” Members of the public are invited to bring a brush and jam with the artist and also donate materials on site for the Art Supply Drive.

On the music side, DJ Ampero expects to surprise the audience with his range of musical taste as well as with guests performers who will visit throughout the day, including the talented Rhythm ‘N’ Youth ensemble. Ampero envisions that, “the next generation [of Bahamian musicians] will have so many opportunities and avenues available to them. I see things just getting a bit more amplified with people seeing more opportunities to tap into their creative value and expressing themselves.”

While the future is bright for both these artists, they’re heading back to the school next week to creative a positive impact. Transforming the square into their old art & music classrooms, the event should bring a touch of nostalgia to those who’ve long left these rooms behind. The event will be held from 11am – 7pm and is free and open to the public. For more information on the event, please visit


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