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James Bernard Repeats as BRL’s Top Producer And Top Appraiser for 2015


James Bernard repeated as winner of Bahamas Realty’s Top Producer  and Top Appraiser awards at the company’s Awards Luncheon held recently at the Café Matisse Restaurant.

Appraiser and Sales Representative Bernard also won these awards in  2014, plus the Top Exclusive Listing Agent Award. “Persistence, networking and top quality service are large factors in my success at Bahamas Realty. However, being an appraiser also provides me with a wealth of market data which I can pass along to my sales clients allowing them to make informed decisions and yielding them maximum value in their real estate transactions,” says the top producer.

“Additionally, I am a big believer in continuing education. I take every course I can, locally and abroad, to expand my knowledge base in both sales and appraisals.”

Colleague Paul D. Antonas, also an  Appraiser and Sales Representative, won the BRL Top Sales Associate Award and the Most Improved Sales Associate Award “In recognition of having increased his business the most from last year.”

“Winning any one of these awards is quite an achievement. Winning more than one of them is commendable, and these two young men have been passing them around for the last three or four years,“ said BRL President Robin Brownrigg, who heads the Appraisals Department at BRL.

He is proud to claim full credit for the achievements of his protégés, saying, “I’ve created a team within a team. I’m all over these guys. They realize I strive for perfection and excellence and so do they.”

He cited the two young professionals’ work ethic and commitment to excellent service, especially in high-end residences and commercial properties, adding,“I push them very hard every day in every way. It is very satisfying to me to watch them grow.”

Mr. Antonas said. “It feels great to be able to bring appraisal and sales expertise to our company.  Having worked with the company since 2008 on both the appraisal side and sales side, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to excel. It takes dedication, inspiration and a lot of very hard work.”

Bahamas Realty CEO Larry Roberts presented the awards.  He called 2015 “a remarkable  year, in which we paid out to sales, leasing and appraisal agents 34.5% more than in last year, and in sales we paid out 51.23% more than last year. It shows that diligence and hard work do pay off.”

The Top Leasing Associate Award went to Mrs. Andrea Brownrigg, a Director and Broker at BRL.  “It’s all about building the relationships in leasing. Andrea has worked with hundreds of clients relocating to the island over the span of 30 years,” said Mr. Roberts.

Other awards presented included: Employee of the Year, Mrs. Ava Storr, Sales Coodinator, who also won this award in 2006; and the Top Producer Exclusive Listing Award was presented to Jason Wong, Sales Associate and Appraiser.

Mrs. Storr said, “ I was honored to have been chosen by my employers and peers.  It makes me feel that my hard work is noticed and appreciated by all.”

By P.S. News /Features


BRL TOP PRODUCERS 2015–James Bernard (not pictured) repeated as winner of Bahamas Realty’s Top Producer  and Top Appraiser awards at the company’s Awards Luncheon held recently at the Café Matisse Restaurant. Posing with awards are: (From left) Top Producer of Exclusive Listings, Jason Wong, Sales Associate and Appraiser; President Robin Brownrigg; Top Producer, Leasing, Andrea Brownrigg, Director and Broker;  CEO Larry Roberts; Top Producer, Sales and Most Improved Sales Associate, Paul Antonas. Employee of the Year is Mrs. Ava Storr, Sales Co-ordinator, not pictured.  Photo by Keith Parker, P. S. News Features

TOP PRODUCER 2015–Jim Bernard, right, shown accepting an earlier BRL Top Producer award from CEO Larry Roberts, centre. Financial Controller Lindsey Cancino stands far left. Photo by Keith Parker, P. S. News/ Features

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