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Are Bahamian Attorneys Laundering Money?

Is it six on one hand and a half dozen on the other? The cash for gold initiative is generating tremendous speculation in Nassau and Freeport.

Some individuals are demanding that jewellery companies conclusively identify the origin of the scrap gold they purchase.

Really? Why is the same not required of the self-proclaimed erudites in our society… our attorneys-at-law?

There are some in this profession who specialize in representing some of the most reprehensible reprobates in our charmed archipelago.

The majority of these “accused” have no “visible” means of legitimate support, yet they are able to produce $10,000 – $20,000 retainers.

Why is then that John Q. Public is not demanding verification of the origin of these sizable funds?

Grand Bahama
August, 2010

Posted in Opinions

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