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Back-To-School Rush In Englerston

Nassau, The Bahamas — Children crowded the Englerston Urban Renewal Centre on Monday, August 23, in a mad rush for free school supplies. And although the centre had limited supplies donated by philanthropic businesses in the area, officials made sure each child left with at least a backpack and pencils.

“We assisted about a hundred plus children with their back to school supplies with bags, book, pencils, rulers, geometry sets, et cetera,” said Dennis Dames, manager of Englerston Urban Renewal. “We had prepared for about 85 children but we have had more than a hundred.”

Students that did not get a bag were able to collect composition books, rulers, pencils and erasers. Members of Englerston’s business and religious communities donated the supplies for distribution to the Englerston centre.

The children prayed and were reminded to give thanks to God for the blessings they were receiving. “Bishop Solomon Humes of the Church of God of Prophecy on Minnie Street and Cordeaux Avenue came [to the centre] and did the blessing and did a fellowship with the children for a while before we did the distribution,” said Mr. Dames. “The children were looking forward to the help because these are very difficult times.

I believe we helped them substantially.” Mr. Dames noted that the children need shoes, haircuts, and uniforms to be fully prepared to begin the school year.

“All the parents have to worry about now is school shoes, a haircut and uniforms, but the don’t have to worry about school supplies.

In a few cases though, we also give out uniform material as well,” said Mr. Dames.

He said Englerston Urban Renewal thanks all the stakeholders that participated in this year’s back to school giveaway.

He said also that they are working closely with the constituency representative Glennys Hanna-Martin to solve the area’s challenges. “The member of parliament indicated to me she will be going from house to house.

The students that won’t be covered today will be covered through some other sources,” said Mr. Dames. “The Church of God of Prophecy is going to have their back to school distribution over the weekend, so more kids can be impacted.”

By Gena Gibbs
Bahamas Information Services

Posted in Local News

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