Crime in Bahamas ‘far beyond Wild Wild West’

The Bahamas will be “in major trouble within five years” if it fails to take immediate action to control its ever-expanding crime problem, the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce’s president warning that last week’s Supreme Court break-in and armed robbery at FirstCaribbean’s Sandyport branch showed this nation was “far beyond being the Wild Wild West”.

Telling Tribune Business that the level of crime in the Bahamas, especially violent offences and armed robberies, was now the highest in his lifetime, Khaalis Rolle said many Bahamian businesses were now afraid to conduct commerce at night, as criminals seemed to have no fear of the law.

Arguing that guns were seemingly as commonplace as cars in the Bahamas, Mr Rolle said the FirstCaribbean armed robbery and high speed chase/shoot-out between the crooks and the police showed just what a lawless, dangerous society this nation had become.

“It’s extremely frightening to do business in this country now,” Mr Rolle said. “When you get to the point where the criminals have equal or better ammunition than the police, and have absolutely no fear of the law, what’s the alternative? What do we do?”

Recalling a reggae song that described Jamaica as a ‘Cowboy town’, the Chamber president added: “The Bahamas is far beyond a Cowboy town, the Wild Wild West. Every single day there is a report of some armed robbery or attempted armed robbery. The criminals just don’t have any fear of the law.

Tribune Business Editor