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Bahamian Spews Nationalist Vitriol

A few days ago it was announced that the “Chinese” government approved the Baha Mar project.

It seemed that the Chinese government’s Baha Mar Ambassador Mr. Stephen Wrinkle seemed to have forgotten that The Bahamas remains sovereign. Just because one foreign government approves one thing does not equate that The Bahamas will now approve the same thing! We are a nation of well-thinking people.

Mr. Stephen Wrinkle seemed to want to dance in the street with excitement of this news. However, as a young Bahamian I was offended. I elected certain leaders to make certain decisions for me, and none of them was Mr. Wrinkle.

It is like Mr. Wrinkle has appointed himself the Minister of Public Works, calling meetings, press conferences, gathering persons. The prime minister and no government official has said anything as yet, yet Mr. Wrinkle can’t seem to shut up about this Baha Mar project.

It would be good if Mr. Wrinkle would allow the government to at least come to its people and start dialogue, instead I feel like he is shoving down our throats that because the economy is down we must sell our souls to the devil, any devil.

I also have another gripe, Editor. What is The Bahamas Contractors Association? I have a funny feeling that it’s the “big wigs” in the construction industry who already have every job on lock. Is it my neighbor, Mr. Lockhart who has been a builder since I was a child but who never had an office, secretary or formal constructional education?

Because, Editor, if it’s not the contractors like Mr. Lockhart, then it won’t be the majority of contractors. The pot of gold will be shared again unequally.

Mr. Wrinkle, I remember you during Albany. You had Albany and this government on blast. Then the next thing I knew you were Albany’s “BFF” and you became silent.

I guess all this noise you’re making is because you want to ensure that your construction company gets a big piece of this pie, before it’s cut.

I, like many Bahamians, are not sold on Baha Mar in its current form. Please give us a chance to digest what is proposed, a chance for our government to inform us of what is proposed, the opposition to state its case about the proposal before you tell us we must do.

Mr. Wrinkle, I assume you are a naturalized Bahamian and I am a born Bahamian and I still believe that The Bahamas should be for Bahamians.

Your etc.,

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