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Bahamaren On Baha Mar Being Delayed

baha-marThe delay of Baha Mar has gravely affected our company’s strategy for China’s outbound tourism market. We support their decision in understanding that it is extremely important that the Baha Mar Resort ensures their product readiness meets the demands and dictates of their guest. Despite this unforeseen challenge our company will continue an unprecedented level of cooperation between the tourism stakeholders and the government to address the barriers to industry growth in regards to China.

Our company remains faithful in our approach to improve the industry’s productive capacity. The delay of Bahamar from a China perspective will translate into the complete lost of a major tourism peak season for Chinese travelers. Bahamaren has decided to refocus our policy framework that will support existing tourism products in the Bahamas whiles enhancing industry growth in China and provide the hotel industry in The Bahamas with the tools and services needed to compete more effectively  enabling them to take advantage of the opportunities that  China present.

As CEO, I understand the importance of expanding our country’s tourism product as it generates significant economic benefits.  The delay of  Baha Mar slightly affects our competitive advantage as the tourism sector requires more world class tourism offerings. Bahamaren continues in its perspective that Baha Mar will improve quality, product choice, skills and infrastructure that will be needed to maximize and sustain economic value as a tourism destination.

It is our hope that the  Baha Mar delay will guarantee addressing the priorities of  improving the Bahamas tourism productivity , product , and service quality. We are convinced that our research and data has confirmed that China’s economic growth will create new business opportunities for Bahamians.  Bahamaren will strengthen our strategy to ensure consumer understanding, a dedicated airlift and travel distribution, and a China tailored marketing campaign focus on the niche markets in the Bahamas. It is imperative that our strategy maintains its relevancy to harness a unique opportunity to drive the demands from China.


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