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Cops Let Unlicensed Travel Agent Continue Doing Business

A travel agent who took thousands of dollars from customers for the purchase of airline tickets and the shipment of packages, but never delivered the tickets or packages, has been given special treatment by police so she can avoid criminal charges.

It is understood that she is friendly with certain members of the police force, plus she may have some political connections that apparently place her above the law.

Some of the customers she ripped off admit they have doing business wih the woman for years, despite the fact that she has no licencse and it would therefore be against the law for her to be selling travel reservations in the first place.

A police source told the media: “That particular agent, I guess by some fault, may have lapsed in payment to whoever was doing business with her which resulted in all of her matters being cancelled.

“She is basically assisting the police with a paper trail to show us she paid these funds (given to her by the clients) to certain people and was expecting for tickets to be honoured.”

The police sorce was referring to the fact that despite not being directly licensed to sell tickets, the agent allegedly claimed she had been making reservations on behalf of clients through an arrangement with other licensed entities.

Police working in the force’s Commercial Crimes unit recently brought the agent in for questioning after receiving complaints from members of the public last week.

She is alleged to have continued selling travel packages and airline tickets out of the GWS building on East and Young Street under the name of Fiesta Travel and Tours Ltd after the original owner of the business exited it five years ago.

That of course, on its own, should warrant the woman facing criminal fraud charges.

But in the Bahamas, it’s more “who you know” than what you did wrong.  Even murderers, who are connected to certain police officers or the right politicians, can get away with their crimes.

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