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Foreign Officers Needed To Stop Crime

crime-signThank you for allowing me this space so that I can comment on the situation that has mushroomed dangerously within and over our country – The Bahamas, and, of course I am also able to offer solutions on what can be done or tried to effectively combat this crime wave we are experiencing, than to merely criticise efforts and plans that are being implemented.

Since over seven years ago, crime in The Bahamas was getting out of control, so that means The Bahamas Government(s), whether it be FNM or PLP are not meeting up with much success in stemming the tide of murders and other serious crimes being committed.

Authorities directly responsible, have merely been apprehending guilty persons, faster as opposed to preventing the offences taking place in the first place. This is not good. Very serious crimes are now happening constantly and one or more persons are being killed on a daily basis, This country is too small for such a scaring build up. Local dignitaries, myself as well as many other citizens don’t feel safe nowadays.

There are many tactics put in place and experiments being put in place to subdue this crime monster, yet it seems to be engulfing us all, so, this writer says as he and some others have been saying for a long while now – try this – “The foreign Police Exchange” programme, and to a more intense involvement, here in The Bahamas. Allowing such officers to do duty beginning at the 919 control room to the foot patrols, bikes, cars, and community relations – which will include facts finding intelligence.

These officers from abroad who will be working side by side with the country’s local policemen, and on exchange or for some indefinite period, most likely than not, could start swift relief and control of the crime situation in The Bahamas. For sure it will greatly eradicate bias and corruption and where certain Bahamian citizens who are targeted – although law abiding, but through slanders and prejudices or spite coming from law personnel and, or, other associates of theirs are not given the justice, if any, to which they are entitled, whereby giving and encouraging uprising and ill will between neighbours in communities, thus creating an environment for the committing of crimes.

We all know that there should be police officers in any society. So one can be assured this is not an issue against or hate for policemen in The Bahamas, but for their help and so that all will receive justice, protection, and as fast as possible whereby a grip can be placed more effectively on crime.

Bahamian policemen would not lose their jobs, plus many Bahamians who are stigmatised and harassed needlessly and innocently will find relief once this plan is implemented. Then again there should be good cooperation and harmony – devoid of conflicts between the local and foreign officers as well as the general Bahamian population.

Just compare the Opbat operations – it is a great and stable success, with no in-house fighting amongst the local and foreign forces or interruptions coming from the Bahamian public. Thus this plan should be given consideration and some public comment by the government, be released to the public soon; for nothing has been heard about that matter as such, since over a year ago, when some consideration was mentioned about that exchange in the newspapers.

Now this writer on another positive note, gives credit to the implementation of the “shock treatment” plan of May 2014, and following reading up and watching the local TV and stories feel that this programme can have positive results – although seemingly long term, however, we are trying hard to break this continual crime spreading. Let’s keep trying, and trying.


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