Drug Dealing Bros Back in Business

Two brothers, who agreed not to deal in cocaine and ganja after being released from jail in the United States six years ago, are bragging that they are “back in business”.

Much to the dismay of the DEA and the DEU, the two brothers have reportedly started selling drugs again, despite having signed papers promising not to engage in such activities.

The pair were released from prison in the U.S. six years ago after cutting a deal to snitch on other dealers.

The brothers are cousins of jailed drug lord Dwight “Papi” Major. The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), led by former Police Chief Reginald Ferguson is allegedly investigating the bank accounts and properties of the brothers.

Using front companies which appear to be legal, the brothers have recreated their extensive drug empire.

Both brothers own houses off Skyline Drive. One owns a car rental business and a condo complex on Paradise Island. The other operates a wash-house and food-store in the Centreville area and has a condo complex on Cable Beach.