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Four In Custody Over Government Break-ins

Four men were in custody last night assisting police with their investigations into the recent spate of break-ins at government institutions.

Supt Stephen Dean, director of the National Crime Prevention Office, said that police are investigating the possibility that this “crew” of men were responsible for at least three of the break-ins at Immigration, Passport Office and Magistrate’s Court No. 9.

He confirmed that police believe that these incidents are connected.

However, he shot down rumours circulating in the capital last week that the break-ins were the result of a political conspiracy.

More information will be released at a press conference Monday morning.

Over the past few weeks thieves have raided several government buildings, prompting calls for increased security. Last Friday, thieves raided the Department of Immigration on Hawkins Hill. Magistrate’s Court No. 9 was burgled last Saturday, morning when thieves cut security bars in the court window to ransack an office and make an unsuccessful attempt to steal a safe. Burglars also raided Supreme Court Senior Justice Jon Isaacs office last month, stealing personal items from his chambers and scrawling the message “The PLP must win the next election, all FNM must die” across his door with a drawing of a gun.

It is understood that the Supreme Court break-in is being investigated as a separate matter.

Source:  The Tribune

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