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Hidden Gems Video Touts Culture of Jamaica

The “Hidden Gems of Jamaica” video is part of a $10 million marketing campaign designed to improve Jamaica’s image. The video was released after the recent gang shootings and curfews in west Kingston. It focuses on attractions in and around the tourist-heavy areas of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.

The video, created by travel expert Peter Greenberg, is Jamaica’s latest entry in its wide range of promotions and marketing techniques showcases attractions on the island designed to lure vacationers out of the resorts and into the island life and culture.

“There’s a lot of stuff here that most visitors don’t know about it,” said travel expert Peter Greenberg, who narrated the video. “There’s nothing wrong at all [with] spending an afternoon at the hotel pool or beach, but to really experience Jamaica you have to eat where the locals eat, get out on the water, into the great houses, the vendors’ stalls, the golf courses and museums.”


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