Internet Marketing Seminars – Scams or Pitch Fests?

Every time you turn around, it seems as if there is some new seminar promising to teach you everything you need to know about mastering the Web. Most of these seminars, however, are just a waste of your time and energy.

Damien Forsythe is the latest to jump on the Internet guru bandwagon.

Damien is the founder of a group called the The Bahamas Internet Association. The group does not truly represent the Internet community in the Bahamas, some of the biggest players in the Bahamian web industry are not involved.

The group is holding a “workshop” that promises to give those with minimal Internet marketing experience a full understanding of Internet marketing.

Problem is, the people holding the seminar may be among those who have minimal Internet marketing experience.  Maybe another case of the blind leading the blind.

And why is it being billed as a ‘workshop’?

Without splitting hairs; an image of a workshop is hands-on learning of new skills and being taught specific tasks.

Perhaps the word ‘workshop’ sounds more inviting to new Internet marketers and has a wider appeal.

Exactly what will one learn at this $50 “workshop”. Probably nothing you can’t find for free on the Web.

The Internet marketing industry, especially in The Bahamas, has lately become littered with so called experts. It’s becoming extremely difficult for most people and especially newbie’s, who are interested in becoming involved in the industry, to not fall in the traps of the bad “gurus”.

The reality of most Internet seminars is that the talks are nothing more than rehashed material already available on the Internet.

Unfortunately, most presentations are nothing but sales pitches. It would appear that most of them are just fronts where the presenters have a captive audience to flog their own products and services.

You go to a seminar where “Internet Marketing Gurus” are lined up to teach you a bunch of garbage and hype, but what they are really doing is trying to sell you a $500 advertising package on their own lackluster website.

Even well known Internet consultant Rich Schefren says, “Most Internet marketing seminars are held by scam artists who don’t care a rat’s ass about the people attending the seminar and are willing to do nearly anything to separate you from your hard earned money!”

Perhaps,, the undisputed leaders of the Bahamian Internet should hold a seminar of its own: the “How to Avoid Stupid Internet Seminars” Seminar.