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Reflections On World Government

In a recent reflection I wrote a couple of days ago –on August 15- in referring to an article published by the Cuban journalist Randy Alonso, the host of the national TV program “The Round Table”, about a meeting that was held at Dolce Hotel in Barcelona whose aim was to discuss what he describes as ‘World Government’, I wrote:  “…other honest writers were following the news that managed to leak out from the strange encounter.  Someone much more informed than they has been on the trail of these events for many years.”

I was referring to writer Daniel Estulin.  A total of 475 pages, 20 lines each, would be awaiting my review of the fantastic story narrated by the aforementioned author if any of the participants in that meeting dared to deny its presence there of its participation in the events described in the book.

The most that could fit in this Reflection –which I will divide into two Parts, so that it is not too long- are a number of paragraphs that I selected, which give an idea of the fabulous book entitled “Los secretos del Club Bilderberg” (The secrets of the Bilderberg Club).  In that book, Estulin tore the big gurus to shreds: Henry Kissinger, George Osborne,  the executives of  Goldman Sachs, Robert Zoellic, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Pascal Lamy, Jean Claude Trichet, Ana Patricia Botín, the chairpersons of Coca Cola, France Telecom, Telefónica de España, Suez, Siemens, Shell, British Petroleum, and other similar politicians and financial tycoons.

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