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Bonefish Pond National Park Vandalised

The signs at the Bahamas National Trust’s Bonefish Pond National Park were used as target practice by vandals whose shooting spree left the Trust looking at thousands of dollars in damage.

Eric Carey, Executive Director at the Bahamas National Trust (BNT) expressed that it is discouraging to have raised money to create the park only to see the property vandalised.

Mr. Carey said the Trust would issue a reward for information that led to the capture of the vandals and has appealed to respectable people in the area to assist by being watchful.

The 1,200 acre coastal wetland park located off Cowpen Road has become a popular place for locals and visitors who come to snorkel, picnic on the beach, kayak, fish or to observe the birds.

Although the park is regularly monitored by park wardens the Trust has no budget for security.

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