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Dive Bimini Wants Your Help Naming Their Boat

What’s in a boat name? Hemmingway tackled giant blue marlin on his “Pilar”. Quint pitted his “ Orca” against the legendary great white shark, JAWS, and Columbus had three – the “Nina” the “Pinta” and the “Santa Maria”. By the way, a little known fact is the “Pinta” was the fastest of his three.

It is a serious task, for sure, to name a boat – as it tells of her spirit, and sometimes even her destiny. It’s an even harder job to come up with something unique as there surely are many boat names as there are fish in the ocean. But we have a new 60 foot dive boat, and we have a job to do!

Guy Harvey and Neal Watson, who have teamed to form Dive Bimini, want your help. They’re looking for a boat name – a name that divers from around the world will immediately recognize and come to symbolize the most famed dive boat in all of the Bahamas.

So true to the Guy Harvey Outpost sporting nature, we’re putting a little competition together to come up with the name of the new boat. It’s a two-part challenge:

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