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Expect No Justice in Travolta Case

After saying just yesterday that the Travolta trial will go ahead, Bahamas Attorney General John Delaney has retracted his statement and refuses to come clean with the status of the case.

When queried on the status of the case, Mr Delaney launched into a confusing bunch of gibberish in an attempt to avoid answering the question directly.

“These things are often dynamic I might say – so I can only, at any one point in time, say what the picture is in front of me, which is what I said yesterday, which is that presently, speaking yesterday, there was no basis before me (to have the case dropped),” he said.

Asked specifically by a local newspaper whether anything had changed with respect to the matter since Monday, Mr Delaney declined to answer the question directly.

“I don’t wish to update my comments. In due course there will either be a trial or should things change such that would cause me upon advice of my office and department of public prosecutions to make a decision otherwise then I would, as in any criminal case,” he said.

Pleasant Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourne are to be retried on charges of attempting to extort $25 million from US actor John Travolta.

The first case ended when forces in the legal community of the Bahamas conspired to stage an event that forced Justice Anita Allen into declaring a mistrial.

It is believed that the Bahamas legal mafia enacted the plan to avoid having a Bahamian senator go to jail. Such an event would have massive repercussions for the political elite, exposing them as the corrupt den of thieves they really are.

Concerns are now surfacing regarding the integrity of the Attorney General’s office, as successful prosecution of the case does not depend on Mr Travolta’s personal testimony.  Legal experts say there is no legal requirement for dismissal even if Mr Travolta does not testify.

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