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Prosecutors Stall Murder Trials

Two murder cases failed to start in the Supreme Court yesterday because the prosecution was not ready to proceed.

Senior Supreme Court Justice Jon Isaacs directed jurors hearing the case against Kevin Hart to return to court today.

Hart is accused of the January 11, 2003 shooting death of Kendall Braynen at Rupert Dean Lane.

Senior counsel Neil Brathwaite requested an adjournment shortly after the jury was impanelled. Defense lawyer Murrio Ducille did not object to the adjournment.

And the Crown’s case against Angelo Poitier has been pushed back to September 27.

Poitier, 24, of Chippingham, is accused of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Shenise Adderley, 19.

Adderley’s body was found on May 27, 2009 in a grave in the Bahamas Veterans’Cemetery on Infant View Road.

Justice Vera Watkins ordered the jurors to return to court next Monday after they were sworn in.

This is the second time Poitier’s trial has failed to begin. In June, prosecutor Sandra Dee Gardiner informed the court that two key witnesses were unavailable. At the time, Gardiner said one of the witnesses was on leave and the other could not be located.

Terrell Butler represents Poitier.

Artesia Davis
The Nassau Guardian

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