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Saying ‘No’ To Development in Exuma Park

I could care less if this helicopter flew the Minister back and forth to work each day, as long as the taxpayer is not footing the bill. Further, for now, I do not think that a helicopter ride can influence the Minister’s ability to make a profound decision on behalf of the People of this Country. I would like however to put some other Cabinet Ministers on that helicopter, fly them to Bell Island and leave them there.

I do believe that Minister Deveaux made a bad judgement call in using the helicopter ride for him and his family to travel to Abaco, which had nothing to do with the Bell Island project. It should have been clear that this would create a political firestorm and the Minister should have taken a Charter. However, to me this is not the larger issue and I don’t feel that he should be sacked for it. The future has yet to reveal whether the Minister should be sacked!

Now to the larger issue and that is Bell Island in the Exuma Land and Sea Park, truly one of a kind. Let us consider a few questions:

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