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Bad Bahamas Reviews Litter The Web

An increasing number of people are researching vacation destinations and making their travel plans online.  Many of them read comments on popular travel websites that feature travelers reviews. All destinations receive good and bad reviiews but it seems that The Bahamas gets more than its share of negative reviews.

Here is a just sampling of one day’s reviews on various Bahamas hotels from a large travel website:

“Disappointed This Time Around: This was my 7th visit to the resort, I’ve been going since the mid 90’s before the resort expanded. Clearly I have been more than happy with it in the past since I continued to return but was so disappointed in the staff and services this visit, I wanted to warn travelers that are going in the near future…. Even the manager I spoke to was rude. This may very well be adios to the Atlantis despite my love for Aquaventure!” – Re: Beach Tower at Atlantis

“Not a good wedding locale: …guests who stay during this time, may not be of the highest class. One particular guest staying near one of the pools threatened to kill me and called me a b#$ch for sticking my foot in “her pool…. I would never visit again” – Sunrise Beach Clubs and Villas

“Rip Off: I concluded that the only thing the employees were concerned about, was to check every single person to make sure they had a special wrist band on to be permitted on the grounds…. Other than that, the employees could have cared less about the customers at the resort.” – The Cove Atlantis

“Too expensive: The room smelled of wet carpets…. Rapids ride was a nightmare, low water made it hard to go up the stupid conveyer belt and around bends… Food was way over priced! There were lots of pools, although they needed to be cleaned…. All in all, disappointing.” – Atlantis Royal Towers

“Definately not a Palace: The roof was leaking on the 14th floor, and in the lobby downstairs. We stayed on the 14th floor and the entire hallway to the one side was flooded for 2 days… Every 2 – 5 minutes at the most someone was right up next to you asking if you wanted to rent a jetski. And it was never the same person so when you say no thanks, it’s someone new asking you a few minutes later…. we will not return to this resort.” – Riu Palace Paradise Island

“Not the best place: the resort was not worth the money. Food WAY over priced. Room smelled of wet carpets. Rapid water ride was under staffed. My friend tore her knee up, the medical personal were not trained enough to put a proper bandage on.” – Beach Tower Atlantis

As tourism becomes more competitive with more destinations getting onboard, reviews like these can kill The Bahamas.  When the economy rebounds, people will already have dismissed the Bahamas and chosen other desitations as their favourite place to go.

It doesn’t make much sense to increase tourist arrivals by giving companion airfare away – for free – if the Bahamian hospitality industry does not meet guest’s expectations and provide value for the money spent.

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