Hospital and Physician Liable In Esfakis Case

Five years after civil action was initiated Doctors Hospital admitted liability in the case of Christopher Esfakis who died of burn injuries.

Mr. Esfakis’ wife Lisa Esfakis filed a civil lawsuit alleging that Doctors Hospital and Dr, James Iferenta had been negligent in the treatment of her 42-year-old husband who had a good chance of surviving the injuries he had sustained according to experts.

Supreme Court Justice Rhonda Bain ordered judgement in favour of Mrs Esfakis and against Doctors Hospital and Dr James Iferenta, with costs to be shared between the hospital and the doctor and damages still to be determined.

In a 2007/2008 Coroner’s Inquest into the death of Mr. Esfakis it is reported that he walked into the private hospital having received burns to his throat and chest.

The Coroner, William Campbell, stated that Dr. Iferenta – his primary care physician – failed to take the necessary steps to secure the man’s ability to breathe. According the Coroner Mr. Esfakis’s chances of survival were eradicated by numerous and cumulative errors in his medical care.