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MP: Government Ineptitude a Danger To Society

Speaking in Parliament, MP for Elizabeth Ryan Pinder blasted the government over its terrible record of providing reliable public utilities. Pinder noted that a fundemental responsibility of any government is to provide the necessities essential for a society to function.

Although there are many narrow-minded Bahamians who still think in terms of an FNM or PLP government, wise Bahamians know that government is government, no matter whch selfish political party is at the helm.

Once a party is handed the reigns of power, it becomes the Government of the Bahamas, constitutionally mandated to represent ALL Bahamians, not just the ones that belong to their political party.

The probems that Mr Pinder points out are problems that have existed under successive governments – both FNM and PLP.

Mr Pinder is correct when he says that the Bahamas, for decades, has had a “government that cannot provide safe transportation, that cannot supply consistent and clean water and that cannot provide a basis for consistent electricity.”

The PLP MP made mention of the many traffic lights that do not function, creating a dangerus situation all across the Island of New Providence.

Inconsistent power supply, power outages, sudden electrical surges and the exhorbitant cost of electricty were also cited as examples of an inept government that poses a danger to Bahamian society.

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