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Cable Bahamas Service Criticised

On Monday November 15th, Mr. Davis had a letter published in The Tribune expressing his disgust with Cable Bahamas and their digital platform.  Please see Mr. Davis’ letter here.

Well Mr. Davis is not alone.  I came home last night (November 15th) to discover that I had no Cable TV.  I have been waiting, not with any excitement, for months to hear from Cable Bahamas that my area was switching over to digital.  I am sure everybody has experienced the Director of Marketing cutting in to regular TV feeds (this is a whole other matter) with his grand announcement that Digital is coming to an area near you.  Well he surely didn’t let me know that my notice would arrive with the complete shut off of my signal.  I had not received a phone call or email, giving any prior warning.  And if Cable Bahamas thinks that I am going to sit around and wait for a recorded voice to call, they could think again.

Now what I’m I to do?  Well I did log a complaint yesterday evening (November 15th) on the Cable Bahamas website, letting them know I had no signal and providing my email address, which surely they have on file.  Well today (November 16th), 24 hours later, I have not received any response or telephone call and still no TV.  I guess it will be resolved on their time.

However, I came into this world without a TV and I will leave this world without one.  I surely won’t sit around and cry over Cable’s poor customer service.  And at this point, I don’t have the energy to fight over having a digital box installed.  By the time they do get around to me, they will give me a 5 hour span on when a technician will come by.  So I will have to sit around and wait five hours to receive a service that I am paying for at this very moment.  But be assured, as of November 15th I will not be paying for my TV service, until such time as Cable Bahamas can find me and find it convenient for me to have a box installed.

Hope you have had or will have better service when you “Dive into Digital.”

By: Jerome Pinder
Source: WeblogBahamas

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