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Catholic Nun Brutally Raped in Eleuthera Bahamas

A Catholic nun was brutally beat and raped on the Island of Eleuthera, in The Bahamas – a nation that has the highest per capita rape rate in the world.

Catholic Archbishop Patrick Pinder is said to be extremely upset at the horrific sex crime which took place early Saturday morning.

A man reportedly broke into the house where the nun lives, raped her, then fled into the night.

The victim has asked that her name not be published in order for her to remain anonymous.

The same small community was rocked in 2007 by the murder of Sylvia Cates, 66, who was found dead in her bedroom after being beaten severely. Her car had also been stolen.

Several suspects were questioned and two men were arraigned but no one was ever convicted.

Several years ago, Margaret Towle was beaten in her home in Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera. Shortly after, she died from her injuries in the hospital.

No one was ever prosecuted for that crime either.

The lack of prosecution for these despicable crimes is allegedly due to the rampant corruption in Eleuthera, which is run like a criminal fiefdom. Local government officials, police officers and election campaign generals are suspected of being rotten to the core and are allegedly responsible for assisting criminals and helping them avoid prosecution.

Drug running is one of the principle souces of income for many on the crime-ravaged island.

Drug kingpins are looked upon as heroes and awarded huge government contracts to help them launder their proceeds from crime. There is even a school named after a drug lord.

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