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Crusade To Destroy ‘off the chart’ Corruption in Bahamas

A Bahamian businessman is leading what he hopes will morph from a one-man crusade into a concerted community effort to combat corruption and force the Government to plug loopholes in its “inept system”.

The Tribune newspaper recently reported that Egan Kemp, owner of a multi-outlet business employing numerous Bahamians, said that “astronomical” revenue losses due to tax evasion were undermining both Bahamian society and the economy by producing unacceptable living costs – punishing poor Bahamians the most.

Unveiling his attempt to launch PACT (People Against Corruption Together) during an interview with the newspaper, Kemp said his vision was for the organisation to become “dedicated to finding shortcomings in the Government system of checks and balances, so we can make sure the Government is aware – and actively looking for – ways to plug these gaps, whether it exists in law or in the ministries”.

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