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Plans To Boost Bahamas Tourism Through Travel Websites

By introducing domestic airlines through global travel networks like Expedia and Travelocity, the Ministry of Tourism hopes to boost Bahamas travel reservations.

The Ministry of Tourism is planning a campaign to position domestic airlines on major international travel booking sites in order to give them more “visibility. According to Director General of Tourism, David Johnson, domestic Bahamian airlines are “invisible” to travellers.

In an article in The Tribune Business Mr. Johnson said, “We are working to fix things such that those flights are automated and accessible to customers outside The Bahamas. Bahamians know how to get the flights, and we list the airlines on our website, but someone in the US can’t get to them through say, the Travelocity booking engine. That can be solved.

“I’ve got the green light from the minister to take this project on to see how we can give them opportunity to offer their inventory in the global distribution system. It’s what all modern airlines thrive on as a must.”

“Getting Bahamians to travel to the out islands instead of to Florida was the main thrust there. We got some business but it wasn’t strong. Bahamians were slow to react. I think most thought it was a gimmick – they thought deal was too good to be true.”

Owner of Sammy T’s Beach Resort in Cat Island, Sammy Thurston, told Tribune Business, “A lot of guests think it’s a bit complicated getting to the islands. If we can alleviate that I think it can only help us.”

Sammy T’s reported that bookings are down by 25 per cent down as compared to last year.

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