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BTC Workers Being Manipulated By Union Leaders and the PLP

I am absolutely amazed and it makes me sad and angry how the unions are letting the PLP manipulate them over the sale of a majority interest in BTC to Cable and Wireless.

The PLP manipulators and the union leaders are using the workers to serve the purposes of a small group who constitute the new PLP Oligarchy, and their chief objective is to enrich themselves.

What the PLP proposed to do in selling BTC to the phantom company Bluewater was a disgrace and an attempt to plunder a valuable state asset in the interest of a few people.

The PLP don’t care about the unions and workers. Their proposed sale of BTC to Bluewater did not contain provisions to protect workers and their rights.  The PLP don’t care about the Bahamian national interest.

Again, with Bluewater, there were no provisions such as in the Cable and Wireless arrangement to sell shares to ordinary Bahamians.

In the Bluewater fiasco, the PLP would have allowed the shell company to finish paying for BTC in two instalments, one after five years and the second one at the end of the sixth year. Obviously, Bluewater would have paid this money after raiding BTC’s coffers and pillaging its revenue. Plus they planned to leave over $100 million of BTC money in the kitty for Bluewater!

The PLP don’t care about Bahamian consumers. They were prepared to sell BTC to a company with absolutely no track record in telecommunications or the deep pockets and extensive communications networks of a company like Cable and Wireless.

The PLP are a bunch of hypocrites who claim to care about Bahamians and the good of The Bahamas. But with Bluewater their track record is clear. They care more about themselves and their cronies.

Lest we forget, the lawyer for Bluewater was PLP deputy leader, Brave Davis; and Shane Gibson has his own interests in a telecommunications company.

What everyone else sees as conflict of interest, the PLP see as the way business is done. This is the group of people an indecisive and weak Perry Christie leads, or rather who is leading, Mr. Christie. If he wants to prove that he is decisive let him start by cleaning up the politically corrupt culture in the PLP.

By: Bahamian Consumer

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