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CLICO Was a Den of Thieves

Former CL Financial chairman, Lawrence Duprey is fighting to keep incriminating documents from being made public as a Bahamian liquidator pries into the corruption that was CLICO.

Duprey, who has been called the Bernie Madoff of the Caribbean, filed a motion to block the surrender of documents arguing that this would violate his personal privacy.

The court action was disclosed in two reports filed in the Supreme Court of the Bahamas last month by the official liquidator of Clico (Bahamas) Limited, Craig Gomez.

The reports paint a picture of a web of companies, pending debts and guarantees from CL Financial here to Bahamian Clico companies and questionable insurance policies for which secret bank accounts were opened to deposit “purported premiums” from Guyana and Suriname Clico operations.

The notorious Duprey family have advised Bahamian authorities to seek other methods to get to the bottom of the tangled web left behind in the wake of years of management under Duprey’s corrupt helm.

“They further went on to say that we should look for alternative means to track the trail of monies being passed out of Clico (Bahamas),” Gomez noted wryly.

In the end, the protective order was granted, but only in part. The US court, Gomez said, ruled that it would not restrict Clico (Bahamas) in the scope of the discovery.

It is suspected that certain judges and senior politicians from several countries who are involved in the case are as corrupt as the Duprey family.

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